St. Columbanus Athletic Center

The St. Columbanus Athletic Center is located at 7140 S. Calumet Ave. Built in 1933, it is adjacent to St. Columbanus School and is responsible for all of the school athletic activities at Augustus Tolton Catholic Academy and many other community athletic events. The Athletic Center is the athletic ministry of St. Columbanus Church.

Started in 1977, the league was initially open to the city's south side Catholic schools but twenty-three years later, in 2000, the league opened to any elementary school who wished to participate.  Every weekend this season, between September and March, we welcome hundreds of student-athletes, parents, and fans alike to the St. Columbanus Athletic Center.  

Leagues include:

Charter School Basketball League: 5th – 8th grade 

Elementary School/Open League: Kindergarten – 8th grade

Open League: School Grade = School Teams - Church/Park District/Club Teams/AAU

All schedules and results from regular season games will be posted on our website and playoff games will be posted on  Games are played on a high school size basketball court with concessions sold on site with plenty of seating and parking.  For more specific information regarding upcoming registration for basketball or volleyball, contact the Athletic Center at 773-224-0531 or via email at