Parish Blog

Who Are You Talking About?

I spend a lot of time talking, and you probably do as well! We talk at work, in the classroom, as we drive, while we wait, and when we sit in the pews. Sometimes our talking is positive, and sometimes our talking is gossip. As Christian disciples, we are called to talk about Jesus Christ- all the time! We must proclaim Jesus to every person we encounter. This proclamation happens through the words we speak, and the actions we perform.
Every person needs to be evangelized or re-evangelized. Some have never heard of Jesus and some have ignored his voice in their life. All Christians are called to be evangelizers; everyone washed in the waters of Baptism are made new, and put on the mind of Christ. Therefore, all have a role to play in building up the Kingdom of God and participating in the mission of Jesus Christ. There must be a renewal of efforts for evangelization in individuals and churches across this country. Evangelizing may not be easy, but the Holy Spirit is the one really operating in all of our efforts—that is, if we are open to the influence of the Spirit and cooperate in God's divine plan. The work of evangelization is the work of the Trinity—it is about bringing souls to the Father, continuing the mission of the Son, and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. The ministry of evangelization is about building communio (community), and there is no better example of this than the Trinity.
So, who are you talking about? If you're not talking about Jesus, you're not doing your work as a disciple! Spend some time this week telling others about Jesus!

-Fr. Matt, Pastor